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SG Wasabi provides high-grade and flavorful wasabi products to customers worldwide. We are dedicated to providing our customers and partners with select products with unique flavors and aromas.

Fulfilling A Dream

As a young man, our founder ventured to Ali Mountain with his grandfather, eager to savor the delectable wasabi dishes. Mr. Chen has never forgotten the intense sweetness and spice of this unique wasabi flavor left on his tongue – an experience he cherishes fondly.

Since then, it has been his dream to let everyone taste the world of wasabi and bring happiness to the world. Today, we strive to bring Mr. Chen's dream to life by providing our customers with the highest quality wasabi products regardless of where they are from.

SG Wasabi's products can now be found in countries worldwide, bringing a unique flavor to dishes everywhere.


 As a global seasoning industry, "become a reliable food safety and hygiene checker" and provide "higher quality, more healthy and nutritious" and "flavoring choices" for global customers.


Carry forward the concept of "The most of the wasabi, all in SG Wasabi" and permanently imprint the original product of the wasabi in the hearts of consumers.

Core value

"integrity, professionalism, honesty, customer-oriented service."

Our Commitment To Quality

Since its founding in 1993, SG Wasabi has always been committed to sourcing the freshest and highest quality ingredients. With a rigorous approach to health and safety, they have ensured that each element is carefully selected.

Our wasabi products are made without any chemical preservatives and crafted using advanced techniques to ensure a strong flavor and the safety and cleanliness of every product. Not only does our wasabi add deliciousness to your dishes, but you can be sure it is 100% safe for consumption.

Our commitment to quality control is second-to-none. We follow the standards of ISO22000 and the HACCP certification system, ensuring that our raw materials, components, production processes, and final products meet optimal safety and quality requirements.

With expert supervision, our products have been widely praised by the industry. They are designed to satisfy customers' needs while offering professional ODM and OEM services.


SG Sung Ghing was established and has been specialized in manufacturing wasabi powder.


Cooperated with Alishan Farmers' Association in Taiwan.


Launched series of wasabi-related products. SG Sung Ghing implemented advanced technology to produce products. Hence, we preserve them without chemicals.


Developed Wasabi Pepper Salt, which is a major breakthrough in wasabi and took the industry up a notch.


Exploring the international market, we are now present in 5 continents for 19 countries all over the world.


Awarded by RCCA for Global Medal of Top Product.


Introduced horseradish to Taiwan and cooperated with Agricultural Research Institute to establish the planting system.


Certified to both ISO9001 and HACCP, Sung Ghing insured all of the goods the product liability insurance.


Received Must Buy Souvenir in Chiayi – Wasabi Pepper Salt.


Interviewed by famous TV travelling program, ‘’ Taiwan Gorgeous Delicacy’’. As a way to introduce horseradish to the public.


1. Obtained Must Buy Gift in Chiaiyi – Wasabi Pepper Salt.
2. Interviewed by famous TV entertainment program, ‘’Variety Get Together.’’


The products were nominated as Local Specialty by the program of "Taiwan One Town One Product", held by Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs.


Obtained Must Buy Gift in Chiayi – Wasabi Pepper Salt, Wasabi White Sauce, and Wasabi Sauce.

Sightseeing white glass


Launched White Wasabi Sauce with higher purity.


Participating in the Program of Manpower Improvement in Small Enterprises, held by Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor, Yunlin-Chiayi-Tainan Regional Branch, Sung Ghingreceived the certificatein the year-end evaluation conference.


1. Developed soy sauce with Ruichun, a popular soy sauce manufacturer.
2. Obtained ISO22000.
3. Accredited as an outstanding manufacturer by Chiayi County Industrial Association.
4. Elected to be the regional benchmark enterprise by Ministry of Labor.

Spice seasoning series


Launched Spice Glass Bottles.



Launched unique spice series of products – pepper shrimp powder, stewed pork powder, pickled salted pork powder, and so forth. Easy for customers.



Launched unique spice series of products – pepper shrimp powder, stewed pork powder, pickled salted pork powder, and so forth. Easy for customers.


Launched cold ground mustard sauce, which can bring out the freshness, sweetness and fragrance of the ingredients, and you can feel the unique charm of mustard in every bite.


Received Halal Certification and Halal Badge.


Stick to give you the best. Sung Ghing is the most professional wasabi processor. The professional technology we have developed secures our products full of the safe flavor and without any chemical preservatives. To ensure the quality control, including selecting the ingredients, producing process, and packaging, we have complied with ISO22000 and HACCP food safety management certification during the whole production. We do not use clouding agents during the whole production,so you will not have any problem about plasticizer contamination. Consumers can definitely use our product safety. All products have passed the inspection and we published the report on our website.If you have any problem about our inspection report,please contact with us and check the report.

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Whether you have questions about our products or want to learn more about the wasabi industry, we are here to answer your queries. Reach out and contact us anytime, and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

At our company, we pride ourselves on providing prompt customer service. To ensure your concerns are addressed promptly, we strive to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

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