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300g Octopus | 20 Shrimps | 2 Hams | 1 Sausage | 40g Corn Niblets | 20g Diced Carrots | 2 Sliced Cheese | 1/4 Shredded Cabbage | 1/2 Diced Onion


300g of soft flour
2 Eggs
20ml Milk
500g Broth
2 Tsp of Bonito Soy Sauce

Proper SG’s wasabi paste
Proper Wasabi Pepper Salt
Proper SG’s Red Pepper Powder
Proper Takoyaki Sauce
Proper Mayonnaise
Proper Bonito Flakes
Proper Chopped Green Onion


Step 1: Firstly, sifting flour. By doing this, it helps to combine everything evenly. Then, adding two eggs. Pouring 2 Tsp. of Bonito Soy Sauce. Next, adding 20 ml of milk. Pouring 500g of Broth. Stirring all of them evenly and setting aside.
Step 2 : Preheating takoyaki pan over medium low heat. Adding oil over the entire surface. With more oil, takoyaki will be crispier.
Step 3: Pouring the batter into the center of the pan. Keep pouring it until 2/3 of each wells. Next, you could add whatever ingredients you like in each wells.
Step 4: Once you are finished adding ingredients, you could start flipping the batter. When you are flipping the batter, you could add some batter to make takoyaki perfectly round.
Step 5: When the surface is all set (around 90 seconds), you could start forming a ball shape.
Step 6: Squeezing the rest of ingredients inside the ball. Remember to flip them around continuously so that they won't be burned.
Step 7: After surface turns into golden color, they are all done!
Step 8: Lastly, brushing takoyaki sauce and drizzling mayonnaise on the top. Then, sprinkling crispy bonito flakes, scallion, and of course, Sung Ghing's Wasabi Pepper Salt or Sung Ghing’s Red Pepper Powder!

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