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The Best Wasabi Products to Use in Your Catering Business

The Best Wasabi Products to Use in Your Catering Business

"Supercharge Your Catering Menu with SG Wasabi’s Stellar Lineup - A Wasabi Wonderland for Your Taste Buds!"

Wasabi, the piquant, verdant sauce that brings sushi to life, has been at the heart of Japanese cuisine for centuries. It has gradually made its way around the world, finding its place in kitchens and on plates far from its original home. As a caterer, it’s your job to offer a diverse array of flavors that cater to varying palates. So, why not spice things up with SG Wasabi's product range?

SG Wasabi, Taiwan's premier wasabi producer, offers three must-have items that can take your catering business to the next level: Wasabi Pepper Salt, Wasabi Sauce, and Wasabi Powder.

Let's dive into this wasabi wonderland to discover how these products can elevate your menu and enhance your client's dining experience. After all, isn’t it your mission to ensure that their taste buds embark on an adventure they'll never forget?

1. Wasabi Pepper Salt: A Match Made in Food Heaven

Wasabi Pepper Salt: a blend that's as exciting as it sounds! Just think about the sensation of wasabi's unique, fiery-yet-refreshing flavor, combined with the earthy warmth of pepper and the familiar tang of salt. It's an infusion of flavor that'll have your guests talking long after the event is over. And let's not forget the touch of humor in serving this bold fusion that could spark some lively table talk!

2. Wasabi Sauce: Add an Unexpected Twist

Wasabi Sauce, a key element in Japanese cuisine, is a versatile condiment that can take a dish from 'meh' to 'wow'. SG Wasabi’s sauce comes in both green and white variants. The green one, created to meet the popular belief that wasabi should be green, has a bit of food coloring added. But the white version, staying true to the color of naturally ground horseradish, embraces authenticity without any additives. Imagine the surprise on your client's faces when they see this white sauce – a great conversation starter, isn't it?

3. Wasabi Powder: Your Magic Ingredient

Unlike the pre-made sauce, Wasabi Powder offers the convenience of a longer shelf life, and flexibility in its application. It's simple to convert this powder into a sauce by mixing it with cold water (in a 1:1.5 ratio) and letting it rest for about ten minutes. And voila! Your piquant sauce is ready to give that sushi roll or steak tartare an extra punch.

A Commitment to Quality and Safety

SG Wasabi is not just about bold flavors, it's about ensuring you serve the highest quality products to your clients. We source our horseradish from across Asia, utilizing advanced technology to process it into our various wasabi products, all while preserving its distinct taste and aroma.

Our wasabi powder, particularly the Extremely Wasabi Powder and Selected Wasabi Powder, contain a high amount of wasabi stem, which intensifies the pungency - perfect for those daring food lovers who can't get enough of that signature wasabi kick.

In line with our commitment to food safety, we follow the stringent guidelines of the ISO 22000 and HACCP certification systems throughout the production process. And for our consumers who follow Halal, our products have received Halal certification from the Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Ordering our products is a breeze. You can purchase them directly from us or on Amazon USA. We accept PayPal and Amazon Pay for your convenience. Your order should reach you within 14 working days, depending on the delivery location.

Once opened, remember to store our wasabi products in a cool, dry place or in the fridge. This way, you can ensure that the wasabi maintains its flavor and freshness until it's time to wow your clients.

For those who are itching to try some creative recipes, we provide step-by-step videos on our website.

A Note on Allergies

Since our products contain ingredients derived from dairy and beans, we urge anyone with allergies to these food groups to exercise caution.

In conclusion, if you're ready to impress your clients with a unique blend of flavors, it's time to introduce SG Wasabi products into your catering repertoire. Offering an exciting blend of tradition and innovation, these products could be just what you need to spice up your menu and elevate your catering game.

So, are you ready to take your catering business into the wasabi wonderland? Place an order with SG Wasabi today!

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